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Hardwood Floor Refinishing NJ For Dummies

May 28th, 2014

I have been in the Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing business for over 30 years. Yes... 30 years of answering the same questions about wood floor refinishing and installations.  It's amazing how many people ask me..."How much do you charge a square foot for floor refinishing" without first doing a little research. For some reason when it comes to floor refinishing people don't realize that there is a variety of floor refinishing products available. The floor refinishing products range in quality and also in price.  Assuming better products cost a little more, the consumer needs to realize they're going to get what they pay for.  If someone is throwing a low ball number at you, I hope your're savvy enough to ask "What type of finish product am I getting."

 For example...If you were going to hire a painter to paint your house...wouldn't you want to know what kind of paint they are using? Of course!...And what's funny about it is, when I use that analogy with customers they always say..."Of course it matters..I would want Benjamin Moore Paint!" So I ask why? And they always say "Because it's good paint!" Exactly... Everyone realizes that there is a quality difference between Benjamin Moore Paint and the products you buy in the Home Depot; so why people think floor finish is any different is beyond my understanding. My point is...Before you ask how much it costs to refinish hardwood floors, you should know what products and services you want to be quoted on.

Dustless floor refinishing is another somewhat confusing issure for consumers.  Floor refinishing companies that advertise sand-less are not the real deal.  They're sand-less because they're not sanding the floor.  If you hire this procedure, at most you're going to get a good cleaning and a recoat of finish.  They are not able to remove scratches, oxidation lines from beneath area rugs, urine stains from animals etc.  When complete, your floors will look basically the same but with a fresh coat of finish on the surface.  True dustless floor refinishing requires the floor to be sanded to bare wood. By doing so, removes all the imperfections from the old wood floor renewing the surface. It's dustless because of powerful truck mounted vaccum equipment.  During the floor sanding process, the sanding machine is connected to the vacuum via a 3 inch hose.  Proper equipment insures the evacuation of the dust as it's being generated. 

Be sure the contractor you hire has made the investment in proper dustless hardwood floor refinishing equipment before you make an investment in them.  Full information on dustless floor refinishing and installation can be found on our website.

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