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Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Repairs, and Staining NJ

June 10th, 2014

People often comment about how popular hardwood floors have recently become.  I laugh about it, because for over 30 years I have been in the business of Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Installation; and the industry is still growing.

Floor refinishing is accomplished by first sanding the old floor to bare wood renewing the surface.  This may seem obvious but there are tricksters out there looking for an easy way to get your money.  The so called Sand-Less Floor Refinishing method is one of these methods you should be aware of, and understand completely before engaging.

Hardwood Floor Repairs are much more transparent.  Either you change the bad boards or if applicable to the situation, wood filler is an acceptable solution.  In either case make sure you are using the correct species of wood; Red or White Oak as most don't realize there is a difference.  During renovations sometimes walls are removed and the wood flooring will need to be patched in.  If the hardwood floor is running in the same direction as the old wall, the repair is much easier as you just continue the installation into the void.  However when the wall was running across the hardwood floor, the repair is much more difficult and must be woven back together, this is called dove tailing. The boards on both sides of the void must be removed so new wood floor can be installed seamlessly.

At Bob Sidoti Floors in Wayne, NJ, we include a stain color with our estimates.  Wood Floor Stain not only colors the wood but also is an excellent sealer.  It minimizes grain raise caused by the finish and insures a desirable hardwood floor refinishing result.

If you're in Northern New Jersey and would like a free consultation on wood floor refinishing contact us anytime by calling 888-771-2007.

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