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Hardwood Floors - Professional Furniture Moving

We hear it every day "What am I going to do with all my furniture while refinishing hardwood floors?" Our Service Removes & Replaces Your Furniture!  Because it's impossible to refinish a floor with furniture in the rooms, it is necessary to move all furniture items from the areas to be completed.  Everything must be done at the same time, we can't do one room at a time when the area is continuous. 

Unfortunately, furniture moving is a liability for us because we are not insured as movers. If something should accidentally break or one of our employees becomes injured, our insurance company denies the claim because we are insured as wood floor refinishing contractors only. However, we have an arrangement with a Local Reliable Moving Company. They will send the muscle to move the furniture around in your home, and return to put it back in place when we are finished. If there is absolutely no room in your house and the garage is packed, we can arrange for a storage pod to store your furniture in until the wood floor refinishing is complete. Their men do it every day and have the muscle and expertise to do the right job.

Their contact information is:

Safeway Movers Inc.  Ask for Jeff  201-214-3558   

They are their own company and are referred by us only. Additional Charges will apply.