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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Measuring

How To Measure For Floor Refinishing

Because we know some rooms have angles and are tricky, we have 3 diagrams for you to click on at the left side of this page. For mobile users use the drop down box ...otherwise measuring for hardwood floor refinishing is easy.   

10 Minutes, a Tape Measure and a Calculator is all you need.

Measuring length x width determines the rooms square footage.  Simply put…a 10’ x 10’ room = 100 sq feet.

Sometimes rooms have bump outs, bay areas with angular walls and obstructions that can make it more confusing.  On the diagram pages in this section are drawings I prepared with common floor layouts, and directions on how to measure them.  

We ask you to measure your floors the best you can, and don't worry if you’re not 100% accurate. We are going to verify the measurements with you the day of the job; most people are within 20 sq. feet. 

If you’re concerned about a particular section of your floor, customers snap pictures with their phones and email us and also Facetime (551) 804-8335:  We are dustless hardwood floor refinishing experts!

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