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Hardwood Floors 100% DustLess Refinishing, choose us.

Dust has always been synonymous with hardwood floor refinishing; sanding anything wooden creates dust. Traditional floor sanding created a toxic dust storm in your home and permeated every room in the house; the cleanup would go on for days.

Many would fear this tremendous clean-up because sometimes, sensitive areas within a home simply cannot be cleared out to have the hardwood floors refinished. Home offices for example, or floor to ceiling libraries often cannot be practically moved to shield them from the dust normally generated from the hardwood floor sanding process.

For this very reason many people over the years, although needing to have their floors refinished, have put off the work when faced with the daunting task of either covering or physically moving furnishings that are dust sensitive. These concerns have been met and addressed head-on by the floor sanding industry.

In the past, sanding machines just had a cloth bag attached to capture most of the dust created by the sanding process. Unfortunately, this process still left a huge dusty mess in the home because it just wasn't effective in capturing enough of the dust. (Beware of the companies that still practice this today)

With the advancement of vacuum technology most (but not all) companies have some sort of portable vacuum system connected to at least one of their sanding machines. They still may use a cloth bag, which allows dust to escape into your home. To try and contain it all, they will go around and still hang plastic and mask off areas they're not working in. They will tell you that there is no such thing as being completely dustless and that everyone has to hang plastic; this is definitely not true. These vacuum units run off your homes 110v power source and are usually set up inside the home; because they're not powerful enough to allow for a long hose run. This in itself is counter productive because the vacuums exhaust air has fine particles of dust and gets re-circulated around your house. Dust still gets into the duct work, on light fixtures, curtains and on the walls. This is why they advertise "98% or 99% Dust Free". It's "OBVIOUS" They don't have the right equipment.

Instead of investing $30K on truck mounted equipment, If these Systems worked I Would Own Them Myself. It's a proven fact that 110v portable vacuum systems don't have the power or cfm's to effectively capture ALL the dust that is generated from the sanding process.

Truck mounted Super Vacuums evacuate the dust as it’s being generated
Truck mounted Super Vacuums evacuate the dust as it’s being generated

We at Bob Sidoti Floors believe that to be truly dustless you need to have a big enough vacuum with enough power to capture all the dust that is generated. We also believe the best system involves complete dust evacuation. Also, if you are truly dust free, then there is no need to hang plastic or mask off any areas.

We achieve this by having a gas-powered truck-mounted super vacuum system. The system is powered by a 27 HP Kawasaki Engine which is connected to a positive displacement vacuum pump. A positive displacement pump allows you to run longer length of vacuum hose without a loss of suction power. We can run over 200 feet of hose without a problem.

Bob Sidoti Floors pioneered the technique in NJ, and is the industry leader.

Our goal is to provide you with a positive flooring experience, and we firmly believe that having a 100% Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding System helps us to attain that goal. Please ask our clients what they think of our system!